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Ania Machudera is an acclaimed artist who has exhibited extensively in Europe and in North America. Born in Poland, where she studied biology at the University of Lodz before immigrating to Canada. Machudera studied drawing and painting at OCAD University of Toronto. For the last 15 years Machudera exhibits continuously both in public and private galleries i.e.: Hamilton Art Gallery, The Bar Xi Gallery in Toronto, John B. Aired, Fran Hill Gallery and Oeno Gallery in Toronto. Machudera’s work apart from Canada, most often sells in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and recently in Germany. Her public collections include:  Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble, Lebovic Enterprises LTD, Canadian Medic Alert Foundation and Canadian Cancer Society.






As an artist, I have struggled to understand how my art might reconcile the contemporary tension between my place in the physical world and the spiritual force that informs and compels my work. My work is a laboratory and research into physics that governs our universe or the quantum physics that governs particles that make it up. I am fascinated by the inexpressible and even incomprehensible processes that lie behind it. I see these processes as signs towards consciousness as a leading purpose and force. As an artist, I understand that computers paradoxically can manipulate our understanding of consciousness as information and can be easily a force to the fictionalized reality.

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